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AFOL Brick Bucket


Want an easy way to stock up on the bricks you use most often?

Want an easy birthday/christmas gift to show non-AFOL friends & family who don't understand why an adult would play with Lego? Especially the ones who say, "Back in my day, it was all basic bricks with no instructions, which is how it should be."?

For stocking up, sure there's Bricklink and Pick-a-brick, but picking each part by manually is a lot of work, and not ideal for stocking up large quantities of bricks and building up a collection. There are also adult-oriented sets, but for an AFOL just starting out, you need to accumulate quite a few sets before you have enough to start making your own decent-looking MOCs.

Brick buckets are an easy way to buy lots of general-purpose bricks. However, despite the suggested age range on the box being 4-99, the overabundance of bright colors and large, 2-wide bricks are of less use to anyone older than a little kid.   

Enter the AFOL Brick Bucket. It's like the current brick buckets, but with more muted colors & smaller pieces. Besides the usual smaller 1-wide bricks and plates, you get elements useful for SNOT, hinges and ball joints, pieces used for detailing, like small cheese slopes and baby bows. Instead of the primary colors, you get various earth tones and skin tones.

The AFOL Brick Bucket can also function as a gift to introduce new AFOLs and non-AFOLs to the pleasures of MOC'ing, especially those against following instructions to make 1 model per set. It will come with several pictures of builds for inspiration, introducing techniques like SNOT, how to vary slopes to make a rocky mountain vignette, how to use details to make recognizable characters & faces, how to make a Lego ball with plates, etc. Some pieces included are more specialized than just basic bricks and plates, but not so specialized that you need a large collection to be able to use certain pieces, so one starting out can still make decent small MOCs with just this one set. With, say, 600-800 bricks and pieces, it should put it in the range of $60-80, making it suitable for a gift or impulse additional purchase by a parent buying a brick bucket for their kids, perhaps a gateway to becoming a new AFOL.