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The Simpsons Krusty Burger with the Pink Sedan of Homer Simpson


New roof Instructions Pink Sedan Moe's Orange Station Wagon Jebediah Springfield Statue ..

New roof :

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Homer Pink Sedan :

Pictures HD:

Moe's Tavern :

(stickers not applied for windows & Love Machine)

Pictures HD:

Marge Orange Station Wagon :

Pictures HD:

Springfield Town Square & Jebediah Springfield Statue :

Pictures HD:


- Moe's Tavern
- King Toots Music Store
- The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop
- Krusty Burger
- Noiseland Arcade
- Marge's Orange Station Wagon
- Homer's Pink Sedan

Contact for Instructions, Bricks :

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The Android's Dungeon New front:



Expansion of the Krusty Burger, Custom Heads & Reduction of the height of the roof

Pictures in HD here:

I made some instructions of my projects ('The Android's Dungeon', 'Moe's', etc..).

Then if you're interested, you could contact me on my Facebook page ( ) to ask for those (and also for bricks).

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PS: Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I don't understand why they look so bad here :/

Krusty Burger from 'Tapped Out'





Reduction of the height of the roof

I reduced the height of the roof for a more realistic version of the Krusty Burger (Many thanks to krisandkris for his great suggestion) :

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