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Cyberpunk Police Gunship vs Jetjark's Bike


I'm short on time while writing here, so I may have to go into more detail in an update.

These creations are inspired by classic space themes like Space Police, U.F.O., Blacktron, etc.

This cyberpunk-ish creation consists of the Police Gunship (which can convert between Patrol, Pursuit, and Landing Modes by functional pieces aroun the cockpit), Jetjark's Bike (which I am well aware has an odd engine array), and a Heavy Rocket Drone (which is there to assist the police trooper in his pursuit of Jetjark).

The characters are:

Jetjark: A criminal alien who, among other things, steals atmospheric ships, robs inocent citizens, and posseses banned devices like the Manublade (which is an energy sword, laser gun, and power claw combined) and a shoulder-mounted energy bazooka.

Police Trooper: A steadfast patrolman who pursues Jetjark in his multi-functional gunship and armed with a long-range laser rifle.

Heavy Rocket Drone: A useful drone controlled from either the trooper's ship cockpit or from Atmospheric Police Headquarters who accompanies the trooper in his pursuit of Jetjark.

All three character figures are entirely brick-built and fully articulated (i.e. can move their arms, legs, waists, etc. like a human can).

The ships are made mostly of old / vintage pieces which I believe can more usefully create functionality.

Please feel free to comment with any feedback, questions, or criticisms.

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