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Charlesdale Hall


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This is Charlesdale Hall, an haunted mansion at first look, but while many mansions like this have a dark history, this one has an past without reasons to be haunted, after hundreds of years (as it is build in 1720) it still belongs to the rich and fortunate family who first moved in centuries ago.
The overal design and furniture shows the high class and high standards of the noble family living here, 

When you enter the mainhall you can either go left to an livingroom where the family receive guests,
If you go right you'll find an full and busy kitchen where the maiden and the cooks prepare the 
delicious meals.

When taking the stairs on your right you'll find an diningroom ready for the family or guests to join in the last meal of the day.
If you're taking the first stairs on you're right you'll find two small guests rooms, just in case one of the guests need to stay.

On the third floor you can find the three bedrooms where the parents and their children retire from the day. you'll also find two bathrooms here.

On the fourth floor you can find a small living room where the family comes together to watch the television.
On this floor you can also find an small chess-corner and an small music room with an hidden door to the treasure room. 

When you still have the energy, you can continue to the 5th and final floor where you can find a small library, but also an high end laboratory where the man of the house experiments with time-traviling,

Now, last but not least, if you would like to see the treasureroom, filled with rareties from all over the world, i suggest you go back to the musicroom and open the hidden door behind the guitars,
after you've taken the last stairway, you'll see the family's heritage, rumor goes it's part of an treasure, much bigger and once belonged to the legendary Captain Flint... 

This set contains 10761 bricks, and is 32 by 48 studs big, it would amazing in any modular street!