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This Highschool has many different rooms: a music room, cafeteria, "locker room," 2 class rooms, a computer room, a bathroom and an office.  It is 32x64 lego studs and has a modular build.  Each classroom has 9 seats for the students, a desk for the teacher, a whiteboard, and a blackboard(I know, old school kind of stuff).  The cafeteria has a variety of foods(I can't show that many foods because LDD's last update was about 6 years ago).  The music room has a acoustic drum set, 3 "electric" guitars(they only have three strings), a mixing station, and 4 speakers.  The office has its own monitor and book shelf.  The computer room is located at the top of the building, it has 10 computer monitors for the students.


I hope you like my project, and if you have any ideas on making it better, please tell me in the comments section.