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Please note: This project is not meant as a playtheme, though I may post multiple models as part of the project. The actual set will be what is pictured now, and any future models will be posted as separate projects.

When this starts picking up more supports (like around 100), Gru's house project will be revealed, the Vector fortress (500) will be too, and eventually the ultimate set, the rocket (1000).

A special thanks to BrickCore99 and BrickPop for mentioning this project in their bios!

Another great Despicable Me 2 project!

With the release of Despicable Me 2, I realized just how perfect Despicable Me and LEGO are together. I have designed The Ultimate Gru Gunship (what is it anyway?) and an assortment of minifigures. I hope you enjoy the project, and I get your support!

Above: This is the basic model of Gru's Gunship. It includes printed (or stickers) Gru symbols, opening doors and cockpit, sixteen flick missiles, removable jelly shooters, storage, removable cockpit, Also includes shrink ray with storage and mini gunship (Vector shrinks it).

The Minion is here! I know it isn't perfect, but here it is. Please tell me if there is a better way to make it.

This image is meant to depict a Gru minifigure. The nose is the major issue, for it would be nice to have a new mold, but the nose could be printed if need be. The body would depict his scarf and jacket, black with a silver zipper. The minifigure could include accessories such as his freeze ray. This figure was created in the Minimizer. (arms should be black)

Margo. A major part of the movies, she is the eldest of the adopted daughters. I'd hope the jacket would be more realistic. Agnes coming at 100!

Many figures could hopefully be included, mainly Dr. Nefario, Margo, Agnes, Edith, multiple minions, Lucy, anti-minion, el Macho, and Vector.

"Knocked over!"

A famous scene from the movies, here is the Space Killer game booth.

Thanks for viewing my project! Hope you like and support!

Project History:
Project Started: 8/20
1 Supporter: 8/20
5 Supporters: 8/20
10 Supporters: 8/20