Product Idea

Model Plane Kit

For decades both Lego and plastic model kits have been loved by adults and kids worldwide, now they can become one in this new project you can now build and display this WW1 Plane along with the diorama of the sprued model 

- A complete WW1 plane as a standard Lego model

- A monochrome version of the plane on a replica model kit sprue, this model can be unclipped from the sprue to allow you to make a monochrome prototype looking plane, this version however is not built like the other model, it is built to allow the parts to be removed and fitted with ease, to simulate this type of model kit

- 2 minifigures, one coloured and one grey

- Paint holder, brush and paint bottlesthat act as a diorama and stand for the sprue model 

The full set contains 730 parts and is perfect for both lego and model kit fans both young and those who are hit by nostalgia for this type of kit,  i also think this unique display style would make for a nice gift set   

I hope you like this project, thanks in advance to those who support my project