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Vulture Droid "Dogfight Pack"


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Hello! First and foremost, I would like to address the concept that this project is proposing. You may notice that the title contains the words "Dogfight Pack." This is NOT a battle pack. A battle pack would be a set that contains several minifigures or figures, plus a smallish build added as an afterthought.This produces a very low price that people can buy a few of and have a whole lot of minifigures for a low price. They are "army builders." Well, this is a proposal for a set that has a very low price but would include multiple vehicles and a few minifigures added as an afterthought. This is a dogfight pack (although LEGO would most likely change the title if this is produced) which is a fleet builder meant to help a separatist rebellion near you amass swarms of droid starfighters. I would prefer that if/when this proposal is approved, it would be released as part of the current LEGO star wars line.

I am aware that there is an official set in existence of a vulture droid, however I noticed that it costs no less than $25. In the scene in Episode III that the official set is depicting, Anakin remarks that the most important ship, the Invisible Hand, is the one "Crawling with Vulture Droids." It would take more than $200 to gather even a small swarm of the droids. This set is an alternative way that you could buy a lot of at a lower price and get more droids.

Now for the set itself. I started with just one of the small fighters then added the STAP, plus a battle droid or two and a commander. (The set could also be used to an extent as a normal army builder) Then I noticed that the piece count was a little bit low (under 100), so I decided to add one more fighter. LEGO could make the official set have more if they wanted, but I am leaving it at 2 for now, just for the sake of convenience. The piece count was still at about only 125, so I just added more and more of the battle droids. The current piece count is exactly 175, about 50 bricks per fighter.

It has 9 figures- 8 battle droids and a battle droid commander. The droids can ride the included STAP, which is also my own design. Each fighter has legs that can move around for "walk" mode and a posable head. Each one also has flick-fire missiles under the main body. There are 4 laser cannons, 1 per wing, which are easily detached for "flight mode." However, seeing as I do not have the exact pieces used in a droid, I am unsure of its stability.

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