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Hi Cuusoo and LDD fans, here is the latest edition to my growing "DigitalKnights" concept.


DigitalKnights basically started out life as CyberAgents 3.0 back in January 2013. But for reasons known only to Cuusoo, the idea was not considered "original" until I changed the name (despite there being other CyberAgent projects already uploaded by me? go figure).

I used this little set back to brainstorm a new back story for the designs and came up with the idea of a virtual universe in which anti-virus software were the heroes in a world where viruses were more like mythical creatures.

Every hero needs a villain and for the DigitalKnights I had in mind something a little different. I wanted a villain which used aspects of the same basic construction techniques, but took them in a very non-human direction.

One idea I've been playing with for a long time, was the idea of a villain with wings that formed a cape. In fact what I ideally wanted was a villain that WAS a cape, with virtually nothing underneath. This isn't easy to do in Lego.

When I was doodling in GIMP, I came up with a sort of glowing eye motif which I then incorporated into this design.

The idea behind D@rquenz (not sure how I'd pronounce it, when I made up the name I was saying it phonetically as Darkness, but I've now taken to calling him Dee Harknez) is that he's sort of a digital vampire, hence the sort of bat like appearance. He's less about destroying the universe as controlling and corrupting it. He hungers for the unique energies of avatars in the virtual universe, which he siphons turning them into his puppet slaves.

His ultimate ambition - not to defeat the DigitalKnights, but to turn them to the D@rque-side.

The wings are designed to enable the figure to stand on them like legs, but I built into the design a stand so that it can use the wings as wings.

Please note: As the introduction says, this is only a possible preview of the direction the DigitalKnights MAY go in for next year. This design may be open to changes depending on feedback and obviously a lot depends on Cuusoo.

Like the earlier VbTc, D@rquenz is a behind the scenes villain who works via agents. Normally monstrous viruses which have the appearance of cybernetic-looking demons, mythical creatures and just general mutants. While the teaser images suggest D@rquenz is many times larger than the DigitalKnights, he's actually significantly smaller, however his brick count (mostly due to his multi-segmented wings) is nearly double.

Unlike previous DigitalKnight creations the name is not intended as an acronym but is literally the fictional web address, corrupted slightly, of the originating website of the viral monster, (Please don't google this as I completely made it up).

Promotional image featuring DigitalKnights. Sold separately.

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