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Space Pod


Space is a giant place, but is not an easy place to store critical items for a mission. This space pod is a great storage facility for everything that does not fit in your space ship. The space pod floats around space. It only opens for your space ship with the centralized codec chip contained in your space ship.

Your pod is yours, and will allow entry only to you to store your items. It can be programed to destruct if another entity tries to break in. It would be best to use the destruction feature only if the items are critical to space security.

Several Lego astronauts have utilized these pods for various missions. You can store anything in it, being that the pod is pressurized and temperature controlled. It is engineered to withstand meteor showers and direct hits by comets. I know of one astronaut that has started a space garden with her pod. Another scientist started a seed preservation program to ensure that all species of plant life will survive if something happens to planet Lego.

This pod will float safely in space until you return to it to get what you have utilized it for. Space Pod will help your mission succeed and may be a lifesaving tool for any mission in space.  

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