Medieval Watermill

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With winter fast arriving this medieval watermill is very important for the village community. Everyone who lives in the upper level of the watermill must pitch in to keep the mill going. Producing flour was a full time trade for the family. 

Includes 3 minifigures; a mom, dad, and son.

There is a power functions battery box geared down to 1/5th normal speed with a medium motor all hidden inside and connected to the watermill that actually moves at a normal pace. This model would be ideal as a display piece for adults/teenager collectors or to add to an entire medieval village with other buildings such as cottages, blacksmith shop, tavern, church, castle, etc. I tried to include many details throughout while limiting the landscape for a more realistic piece count.

It was a fun challenge building this dilapidated watermill with a caved in roof and rickety old staircase. I used several different build techniques to get the desired look. Although it appears fragile the build is very stable and can be played with.

I hope you like this project and any feedback is appreciated. If interested please check out my other project, Samurai Code and support if you like here:

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