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Video Home System

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VHS (Video Home System) is the most common format for recording video cassettes. Developed by the Japanese company JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.), Introduced in 1976. In the same year, the first cassettes appeared in Eurasia, and the following year - in the USA.

Technical specification of the VHS format:

Band width: 12.70 mm (½ inch);
Tape speed: 3335 cm/s for NTSC, 2339 cm/s for PAL;
Recording time[1]: up to 6 hours (SP). Cassettes with a recording time of up to 3 hours received the greatest increase;
Video signal bandwidth: approximately 3 MHz;
Resolution: about 240 TVL (vertical television lines), which in digital video terminology corresponds to 320x240 pixels.
There are a number of modifications of this format:

VHS-C (VHS Compact) - 30-, 45&- or 60-minute cassettes of reduced size. First released by Panasonic for light handheld cameras;
S-VHS (Super VHS) — introduced in 1987, with higher resolution and improved overall quality;
S-VHS-C — same as VHS-C, i.e. reduced-size S-VHS format cassettes;
D-VHS (Digital VHS) is a digital format.

The era of home video began with the development of VHS. In 2002, according to JVC estimates, more than 900 million video devices of this format and even more video cassettes were sold worldwide.

End of life cycle
After the advent of DVD discs and players, the existence of VHS video cassettes lost its meaning, because they were inferior to new formats in terms of technical capabilities and ease of use.

In 2008, the JVC company refused to continue producing VCRs. However, some people still buy them, but as a rule, they choose not just a VCR, but a combo device.

The last major supplier of VHS tapes, Distribution Video Audio (Florida, USA), announced that the batch of VHS tapes released in October 2008 was the last. "This format is dead. And this Christmas will be his last," said the head of the company. "All we have to do is get rid of what's left in the warehouse.

On July 21, 2016, its last manufacturer, Funai, announced the complete cessation of production of VHS-format video recorders.

My kit includes.
-Video recorder
-3 cassettes with your favorite movies and cartoon series.
- 3 boxes for them.
- and remote control.
2575 parts spent!

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