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Infernus Rex

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create one of the most powerful machinery monsters of all times!, meet the mighty Infernus Rex, and destroy everything on your way!

  • Infernus, originally was an ancient wingless, dinosaur-like dragon beign, with long fire-looking horns, that gave him the power to control fire and lava.

millions of years after the dinosaurs extinction, Infernus raised back, to terrify earth's inhabitants, but weakened after the heroes attack, Infernus deceased after being thrown to a lava river.

17 years after his demise, during the unearthing of his fossils, Infernus regained his life, by being awoken by a mutagen canister, that fell from the excavation dumping truck.

Now being a truck-like dinosaur monster (called as a T-trux), Infernus' reign of terror, spreads down the earth once again

  • I created Infernus on 2017, as a result of the mix of the Pixar film, Cars 3 character, Miss Fritter, and the Netflix Original series Dinotrux main villain, D-Structs, but my original Infernus design (the dragon one) was based on the 2014 Monsterverse Godzilla

  • Why i think he would be a great LEGO set?, because i think infernus looks pretty cool, and could be a great decoration for your great room!