Product Idea

Dark Castle War

This is Lord Garmadon's Dark Castle that can only be reached by the Garmatrain because it is behind a dark force field on the Bermuda Triangle. The statue at the back of the courtyard is Garmadon's most powerful minion. He was turned to stone in the castle when their creator trapped the rest of the minions underground. The four gables at the castle's four corners are topped with bat statues that are part of the defense system.

At the center of the courtyard is the staff holder. When Garmadon inserts his Staff of Darkness into it, it emits laser beams that are refracted by the eight crystals mounted on the gables to hit the bats atop each gable, and those laser beams converge upon the dark staff which intensifies its power and directs it at the stone statue of the minion. This brings him to life releasing a powerful weapon from beneath the castle.

In this rear view of the Dark Castle, you can see the strategy room in the front gable on the right. In it is a map of Ninjago that is used to plan battle campaigns. In the other front gable is a blacksmith shop used to maintain the armory. Open staircases lead to these two gables.

In this view, the dungeon beneath the rear gable is visible with tall barred gates and chains. This set includes the following minifigures: Lord Garmadon with his Staff of Darkness, two of his minions, and Lloyd as the Green Ninja