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The Grand Inn - King and Queen; A Castle Themed Set.


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How it came to be.

So I was sitting there imagining an authentic medieval style farm with some grey pigs, plain white ox / cow a, scarecrow, plough and various farm bits putting it all onto the software but the farmer needed somewhere to live, so I set about building him a cottage. What I threw down to get me started was looking far too architecturally grand to be a simple farmer’s home, but I was enjoying it... from there I just carried on building until I had ended up with the front part of such a grand structure that it was going to have to be some kind of Inn.

I knew once I had finished the entrance that I was going to use a lot of bits, so through the build I was looking and worrying about the pieces count. I realised that tiled / slate / shingled roof was going to cost me more pieces than I was going to be able to afford to keep the 3k limit so I started looking for a method of roof building that didn’t require so many bits. Thinking back to the mill village raid (7189) and it’s thatched roof on the barn, I decided fairly early that a thatched roof was authentic and a good way to go, looking at the largest slopes I came up with some ideas but then I found the skateboard ramp and it looked perfect for the task, some hours later and I had a workable plan using them for the roof.

I wanted to keep the whole build to a reasonably low level of complexity, it was certainly challenging to get the roof built but I believe it is stable and not overly complex, I'm presently waiting for parts to arrive to verify it all, but I have done an initial trial and it appears to work :).

The set contains exactly 3k parts. it's dimensions are; W38.4 x L35 x H40.6cms

The Inn has 3 floors with most of the accessories on the ground floor.

The ground floor; mostly stone construction, this is where the patrons of the inn come to eat and quench their thirsts.
I included some more authentically colour vegetables from medieval times (pale orange, sand purple and yellow green carrots) as well as a cheese wheel, a mushroom, leeks, asparagus, sausages and bread, along with some plates and bowls and eating utensils plus of course bottles and goblets.
Outside there is a large half barrel for doing the laundry and pole for hanging washing along with various weeds, some fungi and a pear tree.

The 1st floor; Accessed from stairs at the side, this floor is for the guests to stay the night. It has a large dormitory containing 4 beds and chests to keep valuables in. There is also a separate room with its own door for more prestigious guests, this room contains a bowl and a jug for washing, another chest and a hook for hanging gear, such as a travelling knight. A couple of candle holders are used by the patrons to see at night.

The 2nd floor; Accessed from the first floor this is where the Inn owners and their child sleep.

There are 2 separate rooms with beds, bedside cupboards and candles, the master room also contains a dressing table / desk.

Minifigs - there are 8.

The inn owners and their child.

A couple of patrons including a hunter.

I just had to include a travelling knight and his entourage; In this case Stallion knights, their heraldry is taken from an official printed Lego 1x1 tile and worked up here on their shields and clothing.

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