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Rich House


This project is a house, it was built by 1680 pieces. There are two main colours: white and black. It has been designed for children aged 10-16 years.

When you enter inside the house, you see a long corridor, on the right there is the living room, on the left the kitchen. At the bottom of the corridor is the bathroom,on the right and the left there are two bedrooms.

The positives of the house are:

• You can dismantle and rebuild other projects

• It is not very large, so you can put it where you want it and does not occupy so much space.

Here are some features that I'm sure will make you love this set:

• It has a transparent half roof, so you can watch what's inside, another half is fatwood. Everything the roof gets up and you can play inside.

• The two bedrooms are coloured differently; a purple other brown.

"In this House lives a wealthy family, formed by mom, dad and two sisters of 10 years.

The have bought recently. The house has a large garden and the sisters, card their parents put the house in place, they went to play outside. One day they found a box in the garden under the ground…” And from here began their adventure.

This is a story I invented in order to play with this set. You can think what they'll do next...


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