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Airplane Desk Fan


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Summer is coming !
So the heat and other Global warming topics...

I propose you the "coolest" fan, for Lego fans, with a propeller plane.

The propeller and 2 axis of oscillation (Y & Z) are powered by only one motor (one to rule them all). See picture [I]
If needed, each oscillation can be stopped separately by its own lever.

The X axis is set manually as it doesn't need any specific motion.

With a 8883 Power Functions M-Motor implemented, the expected oscillation speed on Z axis is around 9 back and forth per minute.

Support features :
  • 265 pieces
  • Length : 20.8 cm
  • Width : 13.1 cm
  • Height : 23.4 cm

The airplane can be easily removed from its support and lay down as a simple model on your desktop.

Some other "hot" details and features !
Airplane :
  • 869 parts
  • Length : 36.3 cm (14.3")
  • Wingspan : 45.3 cm (17.8")
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Folding gull wings
  • Adjustable flaps, elevators and rudder

Airplane models and colors may vary, depending of your interior decoration.
The final idea would to have a plugged power supply (USB?) instead of rechargeable or removable batteries.

Fasten your seatbelt, the votes begin !
Thanks for your support.

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