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Separatist forces on Christophsis: Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droid

. . . command the towering Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droid and fight the battle of Christophsis with a Separatist forces set featuring over 600 bricks to build:

- 1 x Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droid*
- 1 x LR-57 Retail Clan Droid*
- 1 x Separatist General Whorm Loathsom* minifig (S-Classic has made a fantastic example here: i couldn't do better)
- 1 x minifig. Clone Commander (not pictured)
- 2 x minifig Jet-Pack Clone Troopers (not pictured)
- 1 x small landscape/rubble/Christophsis building (not pictured)

* all NEW designs

. . . sound good?

well if you want this set made i need your support. register with CUUSOO, tell everyone you know to do the same and get going . . .

**this set 'could' potentially be incorated with S-Classic's AV-7 Mobile Anti-Vehicle Cannon set to produce one HUGE Battle of Christophsis set. in that case my contribution would form the Separatist side and 2 x Battle Droids and 1 x Super Battle Droid minifigs would replace the Clone Troopers above.

. . . built to minifig. scale, the gigantic Magna Tri-Droid towers over regular minifigures (see the 'tiny' white figure near the Tri-Droids foot) & the Retail-Clan Droids . . . it stands at 350mm tall and more than 550mm across. it has more than 500 pieces and stands unassisted and doesn't need a support . . . (except yours of course!) . . .

. . . the Retail-Clan Droid included in this set is also built to minifig scale and stands 75mm tall. the illustration above shows 3 different potential colour variations. the final set would include just one . . .

* if you like Clone Wars/Christophsis themed projects - take a look at S.-Classic's 'AV-7 Mobile Antivehicle Cannon'