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The Ice Sculpture Shop

The ice sculpture shop. A nice addition to any town or city center. Come in, place an order and we will get the job done with free delivery. Note: For the ice sculptures I used frozen men but these can be transparent Lego men as an alternative.

This set comes with:

3x Lego mini figures
A set of various tools including a drill, hammer, saw and other items
A truck to transport the finished sculptures around the city
A small cctv camera
Blue outdoor lights
A counter with a till
The bricks needed to construct the store
A work bench that tilts to design the sculptures

A truck to transport all finished ice projects around the city.

Inside the workshop.

The loader on the back of the truck tilts to unload cargo

The 3 staff members that come with the shop.

Thank you for viewing my first Lego Cuusoo project.

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