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Lego Tribe: Defend the Gate!


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Lego Tribe: Defend The Gate!

Ladies and Gents, here I present my submission to Lego Ideas for a modular playset featuring around the defence of a tribal fortification. Taking inspiration from Brittanic and Celtic tribesmen and their struggles with an occupational force.

This set includes:

  • 1no Gatehouse, featuring double opening doors and a hinged walkway for ease of access and playing within the main gated arch. From the two flank platforms, defending archers have access to shoot through the two murder holes should the gates be breached.
  • 2no Straight Wall sections, including spare spear and shield for use by the defending force.
  • 2no 1/2 defensive picket lines, able to be connected to create a single line, for use by the defensive force either inside the gate to break any charge and hold an attacking force in the gate arches, or to disrupt access to the closed gates.
  • 2no battle/warning standards, featuring the helms of the occupying force.
  • 1no Tribal standard featuring the wings of the crow, the image of this particular tribe.
  • 1no Set of tribal rangers, wearing the hoods and capes, providing light infantry and ranged troops for the defending force.
  • 1no Set of heavy infantry, varying in age and appearance. In this tribe, once a man comes of age, he is trained in the art of warfare.
  • 1no Set of heavy berserkers, armed with a variety of weapons and the shields of their fallen foes.
  • 1no Tribal chief, wealding a large double-headed war axe and sword.
  • 1no Tribal sear, bearing the staff and symbol of the Tribe, the Crow.

The set is designed to be completely modular, meaning that this can be displayed/ played with as either a single wall section, a large stretch of wall, or the Gate-house flanked by the defensive walls.

This set also features within another of my submissions, soon to be uploaded, featuring a full modular fort. Look out for up and coming Lego Tribe Sets.

This is the first upload, so if you have any comments, questions, or merely want to comment, go right ahead! 

Personally, I think this would be an awesome set to go alongside (or more like fight against) the Lego Castle series.

If this concept is something that you like the look of, or would consider buying, then please hit that support button and lets see if we can't get Lego's attention. 


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