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Country Show and Fair


It’s May Day and the village has turned out for a fair and an agricultural show on the village green.

At the edge of the green there is a small pond and stream and at the centre people are enjoying dancing round the maypole. Entry to the fair is by a bridge over the stream.

At the fair there are several stalls:

·        Announcers’ stand

·        Beer tent

·        Tea & Coffee

·        Food

·        Flowers – a stall that has won an award

·        Portrait painting

·        Throwing a sponge through a hoop


In the agricultural show there are sheep, cows (one of which is a bit too interested in the tea & coffee stall) and pigs – one of which has won a rosette prize and another is trying to escape. A farmer has tried to bring chickens to the show but they are out of control and he is chasing them round the fair.

Stickers – there is a warning sign for the stream and each stall would have a label.

For playability you can move stalls around or if you have other green bases you can make a different shape of fair.

Dimensions – 716 Bricks, 48x48 base. The model includes 18 minifigs, 4 sheep, 2 cows, 3 pigs, 6 chickens and one seagull.

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