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PAW Patrol Chase

I have pleasure in submitting my idea for a LEGO PAW Patrol 'Chase' from the hugely popular childrens television programme.
The inspiration for this came from my 4yr old Grandaughter who when asked what she'd like me to build for her said she'd like a little model of her favourite PAW Patrol team member. She was so pleased with the end result I thought I'd have a go at building the rest of the team.
This model is Chase. He's a German Shepherd puppy and is a Police and traffic dog. He helps keep the peace and in the event of problems on the roads uses his Pup Pack megaphone to warn drivers & his torch to help direct the traffic. He also helps find missing people and animals.
Those familiar with PAW Patrol will know that each of the adventurous puppies has a backpack containing gadgets or tools unique to that character. As you can see I've tried to incorporate this, or at least my interpretation of it, into the build. With the moveable arms holding the torch and megaphone this model has has a degree of playability.
Being 3 studs wide the build presented more than a few design challenges but after much head scratching and a lot of building/rebuilding they were overcome. 
All parts are original LEGO although some aren't available at present in the colours I've used. Hopefully this could be overcome were the project considered worthy enough to receive the necessary support for it to advance to the final stages of the Ideas process.
My vision is not for a new LEGO theme but for this model to be sold as part of a set of PAW Patrol puppies for play/display.
At time of submission this model comprises 109 parts but with continued refinement I'm quite sure this number can be brought down. I'll update the model as ideas materialise and will post pictures of progress.
If you like this project I'd be grateful if you'd give it your support and share it among friends and family. 
Please Note: I'd originally submitted all 8 PAW Patrol puppies as one project but it didn't gain approval. Following advice from the LEGO Ideas Team they've all been submitted seperately so if you like this project please take a look at my other 7 PAW Patrol puppy projects.  
Thank you for your interest.

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