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The Martian - Mars Rover & Pathfinder


Welcome to the red planet.

This LEGO IDEAS design is a tribute to NASA for encouraging space exploration, and The Martian, one of my favourite movies of all time.

The model is based on the Mars Rover 2 and the Pathfinder probe which astronaut Mark Watney modifies (including removing the wheels) to communicate with NASA back on Earth after being left behind on Mars when his crew thought that he had died during a fierce storm.

I modified the Rover by putting the crane on the Rover’s extension to carry the Pathfinder and make it more playable.

The Pathfinder folds up for transporting, and then collapses when charging / being used to communicate.

The Rover’s front cockpit opens vertically and the side panels and rear panel open up for playability and access to the interior.

The oxygenator can easily be removed to transport other goods if Watney doesn’t need to go on long journeys.

 747 piece count.