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Posebot was created in an attempt to make a flexible humanoid figure out of simple technic LEGO parts which were lying around which explains the funky colour scheme.

The friction of the pins connecting to the bars was used to recreate the strength of muscles in the human body. The joint were also created by combining technic LEGO parts and offer surprising flexibility. By bending and stretching limbs the posebot will flex its muscles in a way resmbling the human body.

The result is a figure that can stand on its own in many different positions. Just like a regular human being it is always a combination of muscle strength and balance. The flexible hands and feet help make the model stand in many positions, of which the images offer a very limited impression. Possibilties are endless and are just limited by imagination and skill in making the model stand in balance. For me it is a lot of fun trying to recreate everyday activities. 

I hope you like this model as much as I do!



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