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LEGO Jobs (Kitchen/ Chef)

This is my first post on CUUSOO but I plan on creating many more. This is the 1st set in a series I'm calling LEGO Jobs. It will feature everyday jobs and workplaces such as doctor's office, a school, post office and of course kitchen. I work as a chef and so the kitchen was the perfect place for me to start. This set would include a commercial sized cooler, oven/ stove, a butcher block table and a shelving unit. It would include a chef minifigure, pots, pans, knives and food as well. The left side of this set has connecting pieces that would allow for a restaurant attachment, and its ceiling is designed to add a connecting set on top as well. I think this series would not only be a lot of fun for children but educational as well. I will be working to update this set and add new images so please keep checking back and please show your support. Thank you.