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Hotdogs in the Park

This set is called "Hotdogs in the Park" and features a hotdog stand, a playground, and a garden fortress play area. It contains 8 minifigs (2 women and 6 men) and two animals, a dog and a cat. The hotdog stand features a food drawer with a compartment with a door on a hinge.

Mary and Joe brought the son to the playground so they could get some food for lunch and play at the park. While they enjoyed the food, they admired the dancing man nearby and the new trees being planted at the park. Their son, Jacob loved the trapdoor in the play structure, and he later met a new friend in the garden fortress, a dog.

Another angle on the hotdog stand. From here you can see Laura Green digging in the brown dirt to prepare a hole for the tree.

This playground features a slide and a trapdoor. When the upper windows are open, the trapdoor remains closed. Jacob really loved this part.

Jacob can be seen here in the Garden Fortress, looking for the dog he played with earlier.

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