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Locomotive Depot


The history behind this creations isn´t very long, but for me is quite funny. I bought a few days ago a LEGO train model (60052), that set with blue cargo locomotive and a few vagons. This is the third set running now on my little "railway network".   

Nothing strange to this point, right? Well, the railway was looking great, the trains were also running perfectly but I still felt that something is missing. I took a break and went outside where my neighbour was parking his car in the garage. I walked by and after few second it blow in my mind that think about locomotives and vagons. "F**K, THAT´S IT! I don´t have any place to put those locomotives into. That´s missing."

Maybe for you is not such a big deal, but I was really amused by this moment :)  The answer was pretty easy to find and still I didn´t think at a locomotive depot when i bought those trains. Not at all. Because the "offer" on such buildings it isn´t very generous I decidet to make my own locomotive depot. You can see the result in the pictures. 

DIMENSIONS: approx. 55 x 32 x 30 cm

BRICKS: between 300-400, I used as many big components as i could to simplify the assambley

COLOURS: After my favourite football club from Germany, you will find out fast which one :)