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Sentinel Genrations


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Story line : Over the years of the sentinel project there has been many improvements and advances in Lego technology and engineering. the program was activated after a massive invasion  from an alien race abducting thousands of innocent Lego citizens, the human troops were helpless and weak compared to the technology the aliens had, after years the conflict  finally ended the  humans barely won, the sentinel program was born near the end of the conflict the first prototypes were more effecent at stoping the aliens without the risk of a human life being captured.

Each update I will send pictures of each genration of sentinel separately please leave a comment on which one is your favorite and why Each sentinel is referred to by genration 1-5 also support is extremely appreciated.

Gen. 1 black,white Gen. 2 dark gray, white Gen. 3 gray blue Gen. 4 black orange Gen.5 black green


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