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2016 Aerial Platform Fire Truck


Here my second truck, an Aerial Platform Fire Truck.  This unit is ready for action!  She is equipped with a 3 man crew and all of the tools needed to work from the platform (hand tools, pike poles, chain saw, portable jaws of life, chemical spill clean-up, portable oxygen tanks for rescued people, extra SCBA tanks for the fire fighters and the list goes on.)  This rig has a roof ladder and stretcher attached to the aerial ladder for roof work and to help trapped Lego towns folk escape a burning structure.  There are stabilizers to support the truck and a rotating platform which has a remote control unit for easier operation.  The platform has 2 water nozzles, spot light and an area to hold hand tools.  As with all of my trucks there is a life preserver for water rescue.

Thank you for your support, help me take these projects all the way!

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