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TIE Mech Walker


TIE Mech: a walker revolution of the infamous TIE Fighter!

Rebels fear the quick stomping of the approaching TIE Mech! With its weapons blazing and its armor sturdy, the TIE Mech is ready for action, no matter what it is up against.

The TIE Mech is a relatively simple design. Using the basic cockpit design concepts from the original STAR WARS TIE Fighter Lego set, I used joint pieces to attach the legs and arms to the central body. The walker is very poseable, offering a variety of situations to be played with. This model comes with basic weaponry in front of the cockpit. Weapon mounts are provided on the arms to allow additional defensive or offensive utensils. The pilot can enter the cockpit via the hatch on the rear of the walker. The set would come with an extra clone trooper or stormtrooper.

Instructions for the set have been created on LDD. I will have them posted soon, along with pictures of the original model built from actual bricks.

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