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City Plaza


This project is basically just a model of a city walkway with buildings on either side.

The walkway itself is highly detailed with about 500 1x1 tiles making up the pavement. It is also lined with old-fashioned streetlamps and a cypress tree in the center.

The larger structure houses a coffee shop below, and living quarters above. The coffee shop has several mugs and a large coffee maker on the table. The apartment has a bedroom with a bed and lamp, and a living room with a desk, computer, and picture. Beneath the stairs leading to the apartment is a storage area for your minifigures' extra stuff, such as dusty wine glasses reserved for special occasions.

On the opposite side of the street, I have built an ice cream shop. It is simple enough to be considered a to-go place, but for eating in, it also features a fenced-in patio with an outdoor table.

The entire model consists of 1548 pieces. I hope you like this project.

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