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STORYLINE (As seen on a tv add) -- :)

At last, it's here, the race everyone has been talking about. It's a motorized relay race and the season has just started. Every team has three members with specialized vehicles, one for mountain roads (Bigfoot truck), one for highways(Speed car) and one for the tight forest roads(Quad). The goal is, of course to get to the finish line first with the baton in the car but the real goal is to see good teamwork and to have fun speeding through the beautiful landscapes made by nature and man. So don't forget to tune in this weekend for the one and only, MOTORIZED RELAY RACE.
:) :)


Here's a monster truck I made and I think it could be a good Lego product. Well, actually I made three models that make a team and due to the rules update you can support just one but, if by any chance this get 10.000 votes needed I will upload the building instructions for the other two models so you can have the whole team.
There's no special building techniques so it makes a good build for kids.
The Bigfoot truck and the Speed car have a compartment in the back where you can put stuff and they fit one minifigure. The quad bike on the other hand does not have any features, but it is fast :)

More photos and the rest of the team on my flickr account: