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Driving Test


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As you may have noticed, I have built a lot of LEGO cars. But all minifigures have to pass a driving test before they can drive them.

My Driving Test LEGO project has 9 32x32 baseplates and is made of 973 bricks. It includes all the things you could be faced with on a driving test:

  • Traffic lights
  • Signs
  • Other cars
  • A car park
  • An ice cream van
  • Pedestrians
  • A cyclist

There is a car, which includes:

  • L letters
  • Two seats
  • A gear stick
  • A handbrake
  • A steering wheel
  • A dial

The minifigures are:

  • A driving instructor
  • Someone taking their test
  • A pedestrian
  • A cyclist
  • An ice cream seller
  • A child buying ice cream

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