Product Idea

The Lost World_Village Raid

The story continues for "The Lost World" series. the village is under attack by the soldiers fro the army of Dak. Help Samuel Peterson and Alan Swift protect the villagers by challenging the red army to combat. There may be no reason for the red army to attack poor innocent villagers, but the army of Dak is after any treasure they can find so that they can make themselves rich.

Luckily Samuel and Alan were sent to patrol that area, and heard in a nearby village, that the next village over was under attack. With Samuel's sword Arfurmen at his side, and with Al's spear handy, this may be a quick and harmless battle.

It includes Samuel, Alan, Lance Harker, Jrange Selnor, and three villagers. The Blue house includes a balcony, and the green one has a well nearby. It also includes weapons, and shields with exclusive designs on them, and Samuel's sword Arfurmen.

I sure do hope that I can get enough support for this model, and that other models supporting this one can be the start to a new "LEGO Theme".

Stay tuned for the next part in "The Lost World" series. ;)