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The LEGO Sandlot


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Don't we all wish we could slap on a baseball glove, grab our best ball, and head out to play baseball all day with our pals, baking in the sun, but enjoying every minute of it? I hope that when you play with this set, you can finally reach that dream.

"The LEGO Sandlot" started as a mission to find something to do in the midst of the pandemic that happened in 2020. I thought to myself one day, "I'm gonna put something on Lego Ideas and reach 10K." Well, turns out, it was easier said than done. I tell you, for days I tried and tried to answer the question that haunts all Lego builders today, 'WHAT TO BUILD?' That's when I, lying in a pile of jumbled bricks and stupefied, finally hit upon it. What about The Sandlot?!

Hastily running to my computer, I began to work on the masterpiece you now see before your eyes. For weeks, I rendered, built, snapped, clicked, and drew by hand every decal, including the characters themselves. In late January of 2021, it was complete.

Many moving parts are in the set, including:
  • A removable roof to access The Beast, which is fully posable and nearly 4 TIMES the size of a regular Lego dog.
  • A removable wall to access the interior of the treehouse.
  • A fully functioning trapdoor below the main floor of the treehouse.
  • A working Erector catapult clad in silver.
  • And a dangerously high rope to pull Yeah-Yeah over the Lair of The Beast.

And of course, I included all of the Sandlot team, from Benny to Bertram to Smalls!

Now, here's the deal:
Once we reach 1,500 supporters, I'll add the ball vacuum, which was used in the film to (nearly) rescue the Babe Ruth-signed baseball (which I graciously included.)

So tell your friends, your family, your football coach, and everyone else to support The LEGO Sandlot!

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