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Mini Trial Truck


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Some times Simple is best. Though sometimes simple does not mean you cannot have a lot of features!

This model features pendular suspension in two different axis at the rear and on the very front axle. 

The steering is progressive, front steers more than the next set - This makes the driving experience more realistic and more enjoyable over rough terrain.

Featuring Aadjustable seats and HOG steering from rear. The front panel can fold down, it flips open.

Super ground clearance with 'pretend' portal axles.

The chassis is modular so you can easily add / remove steered/normal axles and make up your own creation with some imagination.

In this configuration its is 199 parts. It makes a very good base to add your own ideas to make it an even better model (a crane, fire engine, tipper truck, etc...)

Thanks for stopping by to read this and thank you even more if you support this model!

Have a super day!


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