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Hotel de Paris Monaco


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Welcome to the new version of the hotel.

Back in 2018 I submitted the first version of the hotel and based on some great feedback, I have updated the whole hotel in a new attempt to reach 10,000 supporters.

Still inspired by the beautiful Hotel de Paris in Monaco.

The model is around 45cm/17.7inch high, which is nearly the same height as the Town Hall (10224) and sits on a 32x48-size baseplate. In order to get a good view of the size and looks of the hotel, I have but it between the Grand Emporium (10211) and the Assembly Square (10255) – see the attached photos.

The model is built out of 2,988 bricks.

Inside the hotel, you will find:

Ground floor
  • Reception desk
  • Lobby
  • Concierge desk
  • Bar
  • Elevator

First floor
  • Elevator shaft between ground floor and the rooms

Second floor
  • Two rooms fully equipped
  • Wide corridor with some seating and a statue
  • Elevator

Finally, we have the roof with some nice decorations.

There are minifigures all over the hotel. Staff includes, receptionists, bellboys, waiter and the concierge manager. Among the guests we find a rock star with a lot of luggage, some businesspeople, an elderly couple and a family with 2 children.

Hope that you like the new hotel just as much as I do and that you will vote for the model and spread the words about it amongst your friends.

Thanks in advance

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