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Our Kingdom needs a ship to protect the castle...

There once was a Prince who loved his Kingdom and decided that in order to save it from the upcoming siege he would build a castle along the river so that the attackers would take that castle in hopes to save his Kingdom...
Then he thought that the Kingdom would be wise to build a ship to help protect its people and the river from invaders!
Now every student in Grade 4 is taking Medieval Times and our son is no different, but wanted to see a ship in the Kingdom’s collection which started as a mock model of odd lego pieces.

This creation has seven minifigures, four cannons on each side as well as a barrell and cannon balls on the deck. Plenty of royal shields and flags to let everyone know which Kingdom the ship belonged to. An oar on each side to manouver the ship up and down the river and a ladder that could be used to get on and off the ship or up to the crowsnest. There is a royal throne on the ship when the Prince decides he would like to be part of the adventure that day.

A ten year old has created this model using the Lego Designer using his knowledge of the bricks and his imagination.

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