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Gerudo Desert


This project is a recreation of the Gerudo Desert area in the Nintendo video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess where Link must break into the Arbiter's Grounds after arriving in the desert by cannon. This project includes the sandy desert ground, camp fire, treasure chest, bulblin tower, The Master Sword, The Hylian Shield, two bows and a mace. The minifigues include Link and two bulblins.

This project is a representation of the dry Gerudo Desert and would be good set to have if you are a Zelda fan [which I am]. The minifigures of the set would be something that a Zelda fan would probably want to have in their collection of Zelda merchandise. I know that this getting to 10,000 supporters is a long shot [pun intended], but with your help you can make it reach 10,000. Do it for Hyrule!

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