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Supergirl Plane Catch


This set depicts the scene in the Supergirl TV series where Kara Danvers must save her sister from a malfunctioning plane, revealing herself to the world as Supergirl. She must catch the plane and dodge the busy bridge in time to save her sister, Alex Danvers!


As this set is a microbuild and there are not many characters in the scene, this set consists of two minifigures: Alex Danvers and Kara Danvers. Alex wears a dark red jacket with a black shirt and navy-blue jeans. She wears her dark brown hair in a pony tail. Kara wears a plain blue sweater with black jeans. Her blonde hair is not tied up and her blue sweater hints at her outfit as Supergirl...

The Microbuilds

This set is made up of the plane that Kara must save and the bridge she must avoid to save it. The plane is solid white and has two translucent lights. One on each wing. The bridge is beige with a grey road. It has four vehicles on it; two cars (blue and red), an oil carrier and a truck. At the centre of the bridge there a four supports, holding it above water, as described by the circular blue plates beneath them. Above that, there are four, slightly curving columns that hold up the cable to keep the bridge upright, but will Kara be able to keep it that way?   

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