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Modular Aquarium


About This Project:

This is my modular aquarium set idea that I have been working on and improving as I got more pieces. I tried to design the aquarium as an enjoyable place for the sea life and for the visitors. That is why I built just one large tank for all the different sea life to share. The building is also modular in design so that the roof, a section of the third floor, and a section of the second floor as well as the interior glass of the tank can be removed for easy access to all areas of the building. The building is built on a green 32x32 base plate and is designed to fit right in between two Lego modular sets and line up with their sidewalks. Starting from the top down the roof is removable and features a large skylight in the center as well as a small control box. The third floor is where the control room for the tanks water pump and purification system is located. Also on the third floor is where some storage of tools and other equipment for the maintenance team is located. Last but not least on the third floor is the access to the tank to feed and enter and exit the tank so that they can clean the tank. There is a marine biologist on the access ramp getting ready to feed some of the sea creatures and check on their well being. There is also a maintenance worker checking the computer to make sure everything is running smoothly. Then on the second floor is the observation deck for the visitors to get another perspective of the large tank. There is a family and a security guard on the second floor too. The first floor has the janitor's sink under the stairs by the back door. There is also a bench for relaxing, a garbage can beside that, and the cashier located in the center of the first floor. Through the front doors of the building I made it so that the visitors have to walk through a glass tunnel on their way to the cashier and get a good look at some of the large tank that takes up most of the interior. The tank itself I filled with a coral reef that continues throughout the tank. there is many different types of coral and sea creatures inside the tank. There is also a diver inside the tank scrubbing the inside of the glass clean. I tried to make it look like the diver and all the sea life is swimming in water at various depths. The sea creatures that are inside the tank are lots of sharks, a white shark, a saw fish, a large jellyfish, two sea turtles, an octopus, a crab, some starfish, a couple clams, and lots of small silver fish throughout the tank. The back of the building I tried to add as many details as I could like some uncut grass, a garbage can, some graffiti on the wall, a mouse, the down pipe for rain to get of the roof, and the ladder to access the roof. The front of the building I tried to decorate it as best I could and give it the appearance of an aquarium with the parts I have. 

Play Features:

  • The building is modular in design.
  • The roof, a section of the third floor, a section of the second floor, and the interior glass of the tank can all be removed for easy access to all areas of the building.


  • All the sea creatures pictured.
  • Seventeen minifigures and a baby.
  • All minifigure accessories pictured.

If you like this set idea please support and follow. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Happy Building.


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