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Winter village : The Grocer's shop


Hello all LEGO fans! I will present my project: a building for a winter village.

It's a grocery store. On the ground floor, there is the shop: newspapers, the office of the grocer, clock, wine bottles, shelves with cans, a barrel and a box with an apple and a banana .

Outside, there is a box of carrots, a yellow and white awning and the sign of the store.

Upstairs there is a balcony with flowers (snowdrops), a bed, a toy car, a fireplace and a small Christmas tree and of course the windows.

On the roof, there is the chimney with smoke.

The floor of the shop is yellow and white tiles.

The figurines are: an old man with his dog and a bone, a grocer with a green jumpsuit, two children (a girl and a boy) with a wall of snow, a client with his basket and a road worker with a broom, and a wheelbarrow .

There will be a sticker with carrots on the sign.

Thank you for your support and good luck to the other creators !

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