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P-27 Star Stinger


Here I've designed a compact single-pilot star fighter, inspired from Star Wars-style ships yet not following any particular theme. A masked outlaw sets out to explore the galaxy in the P-27 Star Stinger, wearing his seemingly ancient (and possibly stolen) golden armor and helmet, wielding a yellow-green laser blade and double-barreled sword. His ship features neon orange, dark red, and neon yellow-green elements as well as mostly classic pieces making a simple yet detailed design.

The ship's wings can rotate up and down for varying attack/flying positions, and they each feature a flick-fire missle and a detachable stud shooter. The cockpit is large enough for a minigure wearing a backpack or jetpack, and it offers plenty of room for minifigures of varying heights to lean back. The laser blade can be disassembled and attached under the right wing for storage. The blaster can also be disassembled and put under the detachable nose piece. The controls are a light grey printed slope 2x2x3 from the Classic Space theme, and the two rear boosters fit between wheel-well pieces.

I based this ship off a slightly larger model I designed when I was seven years old and had just been introduced to Star Wars. Considering my collection back then consisted of my dad's classic early 1980's bricks, the original model was made of classic bright red pieces and light grey Classic Space wing pieces. It was larger than this model and had room for one pilot and an R2-D2 droid, but it carried the same general W-shape of the wings. I don't remember purposefully copying this earlier idea, but years later I built this modern model, smaller but definitely better!

Being another small build of mine, compact yet detailed, this ship would make an excellent addition for those who love collecting spaceships, as well as for kids wanting to buy a cheaper yet fun play set. Perhaps a space-explorers theme could be launched from this, with the ships featuring unique "space-worn" colors, such as dark green, dark red, dark blue, dark yellow, and pale colors.

If this were to become a set, I would want the model to be scaled larger so it could have space for secret cargo. That's the one thing I wished I had added. So far, the only storage allows for his blaster and sword. As for the minifigure, I used a torso from Elrond from the Hobbit theme, a helmet from the minifigure-scaled Hero Factory Rocka, and a jetpack from the clone troopers from the Star Wars: the Clone Wars sets. I only built this minifigure as a idea of a space explorer, but I hope to keep the same general design if a unique minifigure were added to the set. For his obvious lightsaber take-off, I only loved the combination of the white hilt and yellow-green blade. Perhaps if released as a set the designers could use a white Chima Crocodile hilt, or some other unique hilt not resembling a lightsaber.

Thanks for considering this idea, and please feel free to support it! I hope you guys enjoy it.

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