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30 years of Brick Separators - Separator City


What a birthday!!! This is 30 years in the making: Building up instead of tearing down

One of the most iconic parts in the Lego portfolio is the Brick Separator. And it seems that this tool celebrates its 30th birthday in 2020. So wouldn’t it be perfect to finally recognize the Separator as a building part and not just as a tool to separate?

I’m presenting to you Separator City. A micro scale city with a lot of current generation Separators in the focal point of view. But in order to honor the older generations, I used their colors as primary colors of the city (grey, orange, green)

The concept is a futuristic city to already celebrate the next 30 years with the Brick Separator.

I implemented the Separators in two not identical towers surrounded by a mix of industrial districts and natural environment. I also gave the city an interesting frame. To make it a bit more futuristic I lifted the whole diorama a little bit up of the ground to give it a floating look.

Here I’m showing you a mix of rendered and photographed pictures of the physical building.

I hope you like my Idea and you would support my dream to change the Separator from being a tool to being a building part.

Current stats:

  • Total parts: 808
  • Different parts: 135
  • Width:  19.2 cm
  • Length: 18.4 cm
  • Height: 22.7 cm