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Bud's Dinner and Classic Car


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This is my next project. A joint project with my brother LoneCoyote. We introduce Bud's Diner and Classic Car. The car is a 1965 Ford Mustang black in color with a gold stripe running down the middle. It also has grey vents  headlights grey mirrors black interior red taillights clear windshield and black and gold flat tiling. The entire project is set on a 32 x32 base plate with the diner sitting on the back left and the car at an angle to give the diner that classic look. The diner is composed of three colors white purple and turquoise. Inside there is white and black checkerboard flooring red tables and chairs and a desk to the left with a cashier standing behind the desk. There is grey flat tiling also on the 32 x32 base plate. There is retro writing on the roof that says Bud' Diner with a Car Show every Friday Night.

This entire project consists of 331 Bricks and would sell for $35 US Currency based upon parts. Thank you for your support!

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