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Dol Guldur Micro Set.


Hi guys, today I show you my new Hobbit creation , Enjoy! :)

Here is my second set of the Desolation of Smaug and it's called: " Dol Guldur Micro set "

This set is shorter than 79014 but I find it rich in detail.

It includes:

  • Radagast ( with his staff )
  • a black spider
  • There is also a trap to eject the Wizard.
  • You can climb stairs.

Indeed it's not very famous and it's not a very big set but it's still cool.

I hope you will enjoy , and of course don't forget to click on... the blue button ! If you like the idea :)


PS:  My english is not very good => sorry ^^

PPS: I'm waiting for your comments.




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