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The Durango and Silverton Narrow-Gauge Railroad


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This is the Durango and Silverton Narrow-Gauge Railroad in LEGO Train standards. 

The D&SNGRR is a narrow-gauge steam railroad, meaning that the distance between the rails is narrower than normal trains. This specific narrow-gauge system takes passengers on a short, scenic journey from Durango, CO, to Silverton, CO, along the Animas River, going across bridges, scooting by cliffsides, and swooping through forested, rocky, mountain-sandwiched valleys.

In this model I have included one steam train, a station, a tree and a rock, a bridge, and a trackmobile.

THE TRAIN: The locomotive is a 4-6-0, having 4 pilot wheels up front, then 6 driver wheels, and no trailing wheels. It has a plow, light box, and a bell, plus it is Power-Functions compatible. The engine comes with a boxcar and two passenger cars.

THE STATION: It is just an old, rustic train station with a ticket window and a side platform. Inside, there are chairs and a bookshelf filled with nonsense items. A weather vane with a chicken decoration is perched on the rooftop.

THE TREE: It's just a pine tree of some sorts with bushes surrounding it.

THE ROCK: Just a rock with a warning sign.

THE BRIDGE: The D&SNGRR crosses the Animas River at multiple points. This bridge uses Technic Bricks and Liftarms.

THE TRACKMOBILE: A modern-day trackmobile used for quick-fixing and supply-delivering.

As well as what you have read above, there is also a loop of track with two sidings.