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Hotel Transylvania


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"Welcome to Hotel Transylvania"

This project recreates the building from the animated movie "Hotel Transylvania" by Sony pictures.

The project had six characters:
  1. Vlad (Dracula's father)
  2. The Zombie Bellboy
  3. Dennis (the son of Mavis and Jonathan)
  4. Dracula
  5. Mavis (Dracula's daughter)
  6. Jonathan (Mavis' husband)

The building had:
  1. On the first floor, we have a reception
  2. On the second floor, we have Mavis and Jonathan's bedroom and at the left and right we have the toilets
  3. On the third floor, we have the attic.

You can take apart the hotel.
To celebrate the release of the movie "Hotel Transylvania: Transforama" this summer, I made this set, why this is going to be a good idea? Because I want to see another set based on a Sony picture imageworks propriety (the first one was based on "the angry birds movie") and now I want to see this became into an official set,