Product Idea

ZX Spectrum

ZX spectrum


The keyboard from 80's

I tried to build Spectrum on LDD but i couldn't build keys


My first idea was to build the official Apple II keyboard from 70's becouse of many drafts that were built on the interne. Than i started thinking: "why  don't make just a part of a computer?". That moment when i said for computer part i thought that i could build the keyboard. But than i realised that classical Apple II keyboard is too simple and than i thought: "why don't i build the ZX Spectrum keyboard?" and then idea was born.


This creation has about 300 bricks. It wasn't built in natural position , it is built on the side of bricks.


Why I want that ZX Spectrum keyboard become and official LEGO set is becouse this keyboard is the part of history and revolution in whole world communication which inspired many small companies to become bigger.