Product Idea

Captain Harlock's Space Wolf (Arcadia Star Fighter)

Here we have an Arcadia class star fighter- 190 SW or better known as the Space Wolf. The entire build consists of 988 pieces including the stand which is around 175 pieces. It was designed for dogfights away from the Arcadia carrier.

This ship should need little introduction for fans of anime, as space pirate Captain Harlock and the Arcadia have become a cult classic over the years. It is the brain child of Leiji Matsumoto.

In a distant future the captain and his crew look to escape a dying over populated earth, and the restraints of the government of their time. Their one main goal- FREEDOM.

The series has several different ship designs, this being a smaller very compact version of a star fighter. 


1. High powered nose laser cannon used for bursts.

2.The lasers mounted on the wings is used for dogfights.

The final picture shows the Arcadia beside the Space Wolf.

Note that the Space Wolf is built in mini figure scale or roughly 1/72 scale, where as the Arcadia has NO mini figures and is built in say 1/1300 scale according to a good friend of mine. Considering the real Arcadia is over 400 meters in length (over 1300 feet long) versus my build which is 1790 pieces and say 2.5 feet in length. I think they look good together as a set and I plan to do more ships from this series, feel free to add any suggestions for future build concepts along this genre. 

Here is a link to its mother ship Captain Harlock's Arcadia below (seen in las picture) and for whatever reason has been my most successful submission here at Ideas thus far with 382 votes. Please help me get it to 1000 and beyond. Thanks as always for any views and or votes, and as always drop me a link for any build any time.